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Cockroach Solutions

Types of Cockroaches.

There are five species of cockroach commonly found in Ontario: German, Brown-banded, Oriental, American and Pennsylvania wood cockroaches. The Australian and Surinam cockroach are also present in Ontario, creating pest problems in greenhouses and atrium-like structures. The Asian cockroach is now found in Florida and may soon be found in Ontario if transported by winter vacationers returning home.

Proactive Control

Cultural controls such as removing food sources, fixing leaky pipes to remove moisture, tidying up and vacuuming can reduce cockroach population levels and make your home less attractive to them. Since they do like to hide in cracks and crevices the use of a good caulk to seal these areas will reduce the number of hiding spots. Reducing humidity levels can also aid in the reduction of the population since they do prefer high humidity levels.

Management System

Pest Xpress uses an integrated pest management approach including monitoring, identification and elimination using cultural, mechanical, behavioural and chemical controls

Cockroaches require an inspection and monitoring policy to identify which type of cockroach is present. Once this is known a course of action can be taken to eliminate the problem.

Applying a stress factor to a cockroach population, such as denying them food, water or shelter, will reduce the population. Food reduction requires the person living or working in a building to practise good hygiene and sanitation procedures. Removal of food residues and regular cleaning is essential to manage the pest problem.

Removal of water sources is also extremely important. It is difficult however to make sure that there is no moisture available when for example, condensation of water pipes can provide all the needs for a cockroach population inhabiting a building. Fixing leaks and adjusting humidity levels will obviously assist the control program.

Habitat modification is a major control practice. Cockroaches tend to congregate in specific areas. They are thigmotactic, which means they like to hide in cracks where the top and bottom of their bodies are in contact with surfaces of walls, cupboards, inside wallpaper etc.  Usually this is a wood surface where such a surface allows the cockroaches odours to be absorbed. The cockroach uses this odour to quickly return to this hiding place if danger is perceived.

Latex or acrylic caulking of crevices around plumbing and pipes, cupboards, utility outlets, sinks, toilets, cabinets, shelves and counter tops will reduce hiding places for the cockroach. Various weatherproofing caulkings in ropes, urethane aerosols and trigger sealant guns are available in hardware stores that can also be adapted for cockroach proofing.

Food should be stored in closely fitting containers (in the workplace and residential environments). Garbage receptacles should be cleaned frequently to avoid waste accumulation.

Vacuum cleaners with HEPA  filters can be used to reduce cockroach populations by physically removing observable cockroaches. Steam cleaning of food serving facilities will also reduce food sources. Clean surfaces allow for improved residual pesticide applications when made to surfaces and for cracks and crevices. Residual insecticides are practically useless in controlling cockroaches if applied to greasy walls or dirty cracks and crevices.

Sticky traps are normally designed as monitoring tools in order to find cockroach "hot spots".


More Resources:

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Link to cockroach information: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cockroach

Link to information on cockroaches: http://citybugs.tamu.edu/factsheets/household/cockroaches/


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Preparation Guide for Cockroach Treatments.

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