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Our technicians are available 24/7 for emergency services, with weekend and after hours availability with appointment

About Us

The Pest Xpress team is licensed and trained with years of experience to help eradicate your pest problems.

Insured, and licensed by the Government of Ontario for both structural extermination and wildlife trapping, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deal with your pest problems. We are dedicated to bringing you economical, friendly, reliable and professional service for all your pest control needs. We understand the frustration of living with a pest infestation and will move quickly to help. We respect your privacy and will never share or reveal any information about our clients.

We offer residential, commercial and industrial pest control services. Whether you have a home, cottage, restaurant, factory, retail store, office building, apartment complex, barn, or farm we have the knowledge and experience to control your nuisance pest problems.

We service a large area of the Northumberland, Hastings, Peterborough and Durham regions of Southern Ontario.

We are locally owned and operated, located in the Trent Hills Area of Northumberland County.


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How safe are the pesticides available in Canada?

Pesticides are regulated by Health Canada under the Pest Control Products Act, and are among the most stringently regulated substances in Canada. the Pest Management Regulatory Agency is the branch of Health Canada that administers the Act on behalf of the Minister of Health. Read more about the regulatory process on this Health Canada web page: http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/cps-spc/pest/index-eng.php


Integrated Pest Management

The system of Integrated Pest Management is based on the concept that the key to long-term pest management in and around structures is to prevent pests from becoming a problem initially. The best method of managing structural pests is to exclude them or to "pest proof" the structure.

The key points of an Integrated Pest Management approach are:





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  • Inspection
  • Monitoring
  • Identification
  • Threshold limits
  • Selection of best pest management practices
  • Evaluation
  • Insured
  • Licensed by the Government of Ontario
  • Experienced
  • Knowledgeable
  • Reliable
  • Courteous


Pest Xpress pest control services the following towns: Actinolite, Anson, Apsley, Bannockburn, Belleville, Bonarlaw, Bowmanville, Brighton, Buckhorn, Campbellford, Cobourg, Colborne, Corbyville, Cordova Mines, Crookston, Deloro, Douro, Eldorado, Frankford, Grafton, Hall Bridge, Harwood, Hastings, Havelock, Keene, Lakefield, Madoc, Marmora, Meyersburg, Mountain View, Newtonville, Norwood, Orono, Oshawa, Peterborough, Port Hope, Stirling, Trenton, Tweed. If you are unsure if we service your area, just give us a call!