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Rodent Control

Types of Rodents.

The Norway rat and the House mouse are the most common indoor rodent pests found in Ontario. However squirrels and chipmunks are also rodents. While not usually found indoors they can cause significant damage to the outside of buildings as they tear apart roofs and eaves to gain entrance to attics to nest.

Proactive Control

The first step in any rodent control program is to survey the area to determine the extent of the rodent population, the location of their nesting places and their sources of food. Harbourage reduction refers to removal of environments and nesting sites that rodents find desirable. Harbourages are places that rodents store food, nest or otherwise frequent on a regular basis and find desirable. Removal of these environments will prevent rodent activity. There are three general types of harbourages: 1. Structural: double walls, spaces under cupboards, spaces between floors and ceilings, beneath basement floors, and floors resting directly on ground. 2. incidental: Furniture, fixtures, equipment etc.. 3. Temporary: Stored materials, if left undisturbed for several weeks such as pallets, boxes and rubbish heaps are also harbourage sites for rodents. By removing or lessening these harbourage sites you are reducing the desirable places for rodents to hide and nest.

Management System

Pest Xpress uses an integrated pest management approach to deal with rodent infestations. Only through proper inspection, monitoring, identification, action and assessment can the problem be solved. Once the rodent is identified the first step is proofing.

Rodent proofing refers to the actions involved in stopping rodents from gaining entrance into a structure. For example, rodents may gain entry into a home through cracks in it's foundation, or a gap at the the base of an entrance door. A rodent may climb up into the gap around a pipe in the brick work. Eliminating all of these possible entry points is what rodent proofing is about.

Denying rodents a food source is also a must. Food storage rooms and warehouses should be rodent-proofed. Food should also not be left laying around and floors should be kept clean.

Rodents will make great efforts to break down the rat proofing that is set up, particularly during the two weeks following installation. It is therefore necessary to keep close watch during this period. Rodents may be trapped inside the building by the proofing and these rodents must be exterminated as well. Any breakdown of proofing must be repaired immediately otherwise the rodents will re-invade the building.

Once proofed to prevent the introduction of new rodents the existing population can be controlled through the use of mechanical means (live and kill traps) and chemical controls (bait stations).

Proper  monitoring will ensure that the rodent population has been properly controlled.



More Resources:

Link to more information about rodents: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rodent

Link to canada government website on rats and mice: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/pest-control-tips/rats-mice.html

Link to information on diseases carried by rodents: http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/publications/disease/hanta.aspx

Link to information on rodent control in agricultural operations: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/dairy/facts/13-057.htm


Here's a Pest Xpress video on how to detect and treat rodent problems in your home.

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