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Wasps & Bees

Types of Wasps and Bees.

The primary types of bees found in Ontario are Honey bees, carpenter bees and bumble bees. There are also Umbrella wasps, Bald-faced hornets, Yellow jackets, Mud daubers and the European hornet. The latter is the only true species of hornet in Ontario. Bald-faced hornets are, in fact, not true hornets but paper wasps. Swarming bees are the result of a queen from an overpopulated colony moving with numerous workers in order to locate a new nesting site. If left alone, the swarm, which may be resting on a tree branch or other site, will eventually relocate.


Proactive Control

Remove debris to reduce harbourage and nest building sites for wasps, hornets and bees. Inspect attics, beneath eaves, woodpiles and composters in the spring to find early nest construction. It is easier to destroy small colonies rather than attempt control on a well established colony in the late summer. Honeybees are protected under the Bees Act in Ontario. It is illegal to apply insecticides on crops during blossom time. However wild bee colonies or pest bees do not fall under this Act and can therefore be destroyed. Bee-keepers will rarely want these types of bee colonies due to mite and viral disease concerns.


Management System

Boiling water poured on ground nests or the ignition of flammable liquids poured into a ground nest or over an aerial nest is NOT recommended. The escape of the insects during this type of application can create the potential for aggressive bees or wasps dispersing into the neighbourhood. Nests located in wall voids should not be blocked off. This may allow the wasps to chew through drywall into the interior of the structure causing a high risk of being stung to the occupants. Wasps may be seen entering a wall void of a structure but the actual nest may be located several meters away higher up in the wall void. The use of a listening devise, such as a stethoscope, used on the interior or exterior walls may allow for easier location of the actual colony. Drilling an access hole into a wall to penetrate the next and then applying a dust or quick knock down pesticide can also be effective. At Pest Xpress we have the knowledge and experience to safely remove your wasp, bee and hornet hives.


More Resources:

Link to more information about bees wasps and hornet from the government of Manitoba: https://www.gov.mb.ca/housing/pubs/pests/bees.pdf

Link to characteristics of common wasps and bees: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Characteristics_of_common_wasps_and_bees


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