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Flea Solutions

Pest Xpress. Image of ant.Types of Fleas.

There are roughly 2500 species of fleas. They are so small they are hard to see with the human eye. They survive by consuming the blood of host animals. They cannot fly, they only jump. If you've noticed bits on your lower legs there's a good chance it's fleas. Roughly 95% of the flea population will be in the egg stage.  That means that the fleas in your home that are biting you represent only 5% of the problem.

Proactive Control

Fleas are brought in by pets. Your pet can catch them from other animals they encounter. Fleas will jump from animal to animal and can be found on rodents, birds, ferrets, squirrels, skunks, opossums, rabbits, deer, raccoons, foxes and cats. Wild mice can also introduce fleas to your home when they sneak inside for the winter. People can also bring fleas into the home on clothing and shoes. Keeping your pets indoors, regular vacuuming of the home, and flea treatments of pets and their bedding can help to control a potential problem before it starts.  Adult fleas prefer to stay on pets and only leave after feeding. Fleas can typically be found in juvenile life stages in and around when your pets sleep.

Management System

Pest Xpress uses an integrated pest management approach including monitoring, identification and elimination using cultural, mechanical, behavioural and chemical controls

In the case of fleas it is important to treat the pet as well as the home, as the pet will simply re-infest the residence when they return if not treated.  Wash your pets bedding frequently in hot soapy water. Vacuum carpets and furniture daily. Steam clean your carpets. Vacuum cracks and crevices around base boards particularly near your pets bed. Pest Xpress treats for fleas with an array of chemicals, including an insect growth regulator, to control the problem as quickly as possible. Because fleas only feed on living hosts simply leaving the residence does not eliminate the problem. The fleas will hibernate and wait for a food source to return. Eggs will hatch in the presence of vibrations, such as footsteps and movement from people and animals.

More Resources:

Link to more flea information from the government of Canada: https://www.canada.ca/en/health-canada/services/pest-control-tips/fleas.html

Link to more information about fleas on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea

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