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Types of Fleas.

There are several species of fleas in Canada, most animals can have them. But it is cat and dog fleas that cause the most problems for homeowners.


Proactive Control

The best way to prevent fleas in the home is through proactive controls. Keeping your cat and dog indoors. inspecting your pets regularly. Washing their bedding every 3-4 weeks. Using flea collars for your pet.

Management System

It is important to note that in a flea infestation the live fleas that are jumping on and biting you represent only 5% of the population. The other 95% are present as eggs.

When you suspect you have a flea problem it is important to first contact a pest control professional. Do not try to deal with the problem  yourself. Domestic rated products cannot kill flea eggs and leave no residual behind to kill them once they hatch. Usually one treatment is enough to eliminate fleas but it may require two treatments 3 weeks apart. Treatments involve perimeter and space sprays of your home. On the day of treatment you will need to vacate the premises and have your pet treated for fleas, as well as launder all animal bedding.



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