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Pest Value. Image of ant.Types of Ants.

Of the 100 or so species of ants in Ontario the more common ones are The Crazy Ant, The Field Ant, The Honey Ant, The Large Yellow Ant, The Odorous House Ant, The Acrobat Ant, The Little Black Ant, The Thief Ant, The Pharaoh Ant, The Pavement Ant, The Ghost Ant and The Carpenter Ant. A newly introduced species is the European Fire Ant, which has become a pest in a few areas in the last few years primarily because these aggressive, stinging ants interfere with people's use and enjoyment of their properties, gardens and parks.

Proactive Control

Ants nesting indoors will do so because they have gained easy access through an entrance or a food source is easily available. Proper food storage is essential in order not to attract foraging ants. Sugar bowls, food waste left on tables, floors or near garbage receptacles, will easily attract foraging ants. Caulk cracks and crevices that will allow ants to enter a structure. Sticky barriers may be used around trees or other parts of structures in order to prevent ants from accessing upper levels of a building.

Management System

Pest Xpress uses an integrated pest management approach including monitoring, identification and elimination using cultural, mechanical, behavioural and chemical controls

It is very important that the exact species of ant be identified before any attempt is made to control an infestation. many ants are outdoor species that are only a problem when they swarm and may be carried indoors. other species will establish nests in wall voids, beneath basement floors or slab on grade, or in structural wood. Some infest food in pantries, others are a pest just because f their numbers or because they sting.

Since ants are social insects the use of baits is an effective tool for determining the whereabouts of the ant colony. By knowing the species of ant, the most favourable food can be left as bait so that the workers taking the bait back to the nest site can aid in determining the location of the colony. A few ant species are more difficult to control than other species because of their particular habits. For example, the Pavement and and Pharaoh ant are very difficult to control.

Pavement Ants: Control may require injection of insecticide around the exterior soil along the perimeter of a structure or drilling beneath slabs to inject insecticide beneath the slab. Caulking of expansion joints and cracks and crevices along the wall/floor junction may be successful. The use of pesticide baits containing animal oils or fats are also effective.

Pharaoh Ants: Control requires detailed inspection to determine the location of the colony. The use of non-toxic survey baits containing various combinations of mint apple jelly, syrup, honey, fish oil or liver extract in moist bait will assist in determining colony locations and activity patterns. The colony worker ants that forage will feed quite actively for several days on this bait and take it back to the other members of the colony. Liquid or solid toxic baits that contain both a sugar and protein base are most effective. The sugar base is used to attract the foraging worker to consume it and the protein as an attractant for the worker to provide to the larvae and queens. Ant baiting strategies are time consuming (sometimes months), and require a detailed map indicating baiting stations, and a chart indicating times of bait placement and replacement.

More Resources:

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Link to identifying household ants: http://citybugs.tamu.edu/factsheets/household/ants-house/ent-2013/

Link to help identify household ants: http://www.wikihow.com/Identify-Ants

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