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Bedbug Treatment  Preparation Guide


Bedbugs are very durable insects. They can survive temperatures between 2 degrees and 122 degrees. They can survive for a year without feeding. They are great hitch-hikers and are easily spread. As such, special precautions must be taken before, during and after treatment to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Failure to appropriately prepare for the arrival of the technician will void any provided warranty, and the technician may refuse to perform treatment if they deem treatment to be pointless due to inadequate preparation.


Days Prior to treatment:


  • All bedding, clothing, pillows, cushions, stuffed animals, slippers, curtains, etc. must be treated as contaminated items. Bag the items to transport them to wash area, wash in hottest water and run through the dryer on high heat setting for 30 minutes and immediately put into new sealed bags. Empty the dryer lint trap carefully into a sealed bag and dispose of immediately.
  • Remove any shoes, items from night stands, items from floor and shelf areas, inspect and store in plastic totes with lids or sealed bags. Delicate items can be bagged and placed in freezer for no less than 5 days. All dresser drawers and night stand drawers must be emptied. The technician must be able to remove the drawers to check underneath them and the rug/floor under the dresser.
  • De-clutter all rooms and ensure floors and under beds are clear of items.
  • Do NOT dismantle your bed frames. You will scatter the bedbugs if present.
  • Vacuum house thoroughly, especially along baseboards, around door-frames, beds, box springs, couches and chairs using the crevice tool. Empty the vacuum bag into sealed bags and immediately dispose of contents.
  • Move items and furniture at least 6 inches away from any walls so the technician can access baseboard areas to apply treatment.
  • For your first treatment remove all electrical cover plates from all the outlets/switches.
  • Take down all pictures and lean them against the wall with the backs facing out.
  •   If you are throwing away any furniture or other             large items wrap them with plastic before carrying them through your home, common hallways, elevators, et. The bedbugs will drop off of the items and look for new places to hide/infest.








Day of the Treatment:


  • Remove all linens, pillows, skirts from all beds and run through dryer for 30 minutes on high heat setting, then bag and seal.
  • After providing access to your home everyone must leave and stay out of the home for 4-6 hours. This includes all pets.
  • Children under the age of 2 and all seniors/those with health concerns should remain out for a minimum of 8-12 hours.
  • If you have fish or reptiles unplug the filters/lights and cover the tank with a heavy towel before treatment.




After Treatment:


  • When returning to your home you may notice a smell from the treatment, open the windows throughout your home and run a fan to clear the air if necessary.
  • You may find your furniture turned over and your mattresses leaning against the wall. This is part of the thorough treatment process.
  • You can place your furniture back into position and put clean linens back on your bed.
  • Reinstall all electrical switch covers.
  • You may see both live and dead bedbugs at this time. This is normal, the treatment has driven them out of hiding, kill any live bedbugs you find.
  • Vacuum all living and dead bedbugs you find especially around baseboards, bed frames, box springs, mattresses, couches and chairs prior to second treatment. It is recommended to vacuum without the use of a “beater bar” (rotating bristles), as these may remove some of the treatment rendering it less effective. It may also fling the bedbugs to another area.
  • Do not unpack linens and clothing that you placed in bags/totes. All linens and clothing must be kept in sealed bags/totes for the duration of the treatment. Remove clothing as needed and reseal the bag/tote. If you need to remove any items complete a visual  inspection to ensure they do not have any bedbugs in/on them and reseal the bag/tote.
  • Wash down any food preparation areas  such as tables and counter-tops prior to use. Do not mop your floors close to baseboards or you will reduce treatment effectiveness.


Pest Xpress recommends at least 2 bedbug treatments completed 2-3 weeks apart.


Not following our preparation guidelines may result in additional treatments at your cost. Pest control is a co-operative effort between the exterminator and the customer. Help us provide the best service by following our instructions. If you have any questions please call the office at 705-772-4539. We are here to help.


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